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Why on Earth would you spin your wheels solely focused on getting individual sales here and there from blogging, email marketing, social media, podcasting, video, and all of the other outlets? 

It would take forever to build an empire that way. That should be your base marketing, but certainly not your only approach.  You have to fill the gaps and leverage, teaming up with other communities helps you gain more exposure at a quicker rate.

Let us be your extra and
affordable marketing hand

JOIN Deals4You TODAY for just a$1 a day to instantly​​​​​​
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Imagine this...
An opportunity to have a dedicated community of women that want to buy products from you for A FULL YEAR. Yes, you read that right (and no, this isn’t going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars).

That’s more than 11,000 engaged social media followers, more than 65,000 unique website visitors per month, and a reach of almost 1 million older millennia’s, moms, and entrepreneurs within our entire network of partners. “Unlimited”  year after year!”
Leverage Brands
The KEY is to LEVERAGE other global brands and their pre-built following, then draw their entire network into your own.

So we thought of a way to help you get much more powerful results, more quickly


• Saving you time (time that you could otherwise spend creating and monetizing other areas of your business)

• Offering you a solid marketing strategy that will consistently and effectively promote your product/service/brand/business

• Not break your budget, nor causing more stress
What kind of “deals” can I promote?
Any product (digital or physical), service (online or offline), freebie (pdf, audio, video, you name it!), complimentary consult, assessment, coaching package flash sale, book, discount/coupon … Seriously, we will regularly promote any kind of special offer you can provide throughout our entire network.
How does the D4Y marketing work?
We consistently leverage across the spectrum of our own promotional channels: Identity Magazine itself and our social media platforms, thereby providing a wide, wide scope of brand awareness—YOUR BRAND. In addition, you receive continued exposure in our weekly and monthly email blasts (10k) to  followers and partners. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Consider us an new ‘members’ of your marketing team!
What's entailed in joining D4Y?

Once you sign up for the Identity Deals4You Program, we have a simple onboarding process. We set an account for you on our website and immediately begin planning your first offer together. The instant your Deal is in place, your visibility escalates!

Do you have a special promotion, such as a product launch, book release,or free offer? Easily upload your new Deal ANY time throughout the year and we’ll start marketing it across our widespread network!

What's the
​​​​​​​long-term commitment?

There is None!

The Deals4You Program requires a SIMPLE, monthly payments either rendered in installmentsat or onetime. You can also cancel at anytime.
We’ve distinctly tailored Deals4You for business owners who aren’t getting the brand exposure they need;who aren’t yielding adequate and outstanding results with other marketing strategies; and who recognize the enormous potential leveraging our global network (…a network that we’ve been building for YEARS by the way!) We want to support you. We want to blast your brand!

“The thing I love about working with the Identity Magazine team on Deals4You isn’t just the boost to my business. It’s that working with Susan and her team is such a delight. They really, really get today’s marketplace. Deals4You is creative and fun…I love that you can keep evolving your page, depending on what’s happening…and they’re so incredibly helpful! I signed up for a whole year upfront, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”  

- Gay, The Hungry Ghost

"With 25+ years in business I've worked with many clients, contractors, employees, and vendors. Over the years I've become very selective of who I will do business with and where I will spend my advertising dollars. Working with Susan has always been nothing but a pure pleasure and the Deals4You has been a great investment. It truly helps me get in front of my audience and connect with my top clients. I would highly recommend without hesitation!"

- Jennifer Dawn, Jennifer Dawn Coaching
Pricing Options
Get the most bang for your buck with our lifetime access option
$69 /month
  • ·         An account within our global Deals4You website page

    ·         Unlimited offers that we will promote for you throughout the ENTIRE year!

    ·         Massive Social Media exposure via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, PLUS Instagram,

    ·         Leverage our network to a reach of nearly 1 million women

    ·         Ongoing support and suggestions to enhance your Deal to effect a higher conversion rate

    ·         Priority promotion through our monthly Deals4You emails (reach of 6k)


$365/lifetime access
  • ·         An account within our global Deals4You website page 

    ·         Unlimited offers that we will promote for you throughout the ENTIRE year!

    ·         Massive Social Media exposure via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, AND Instagram

    ·         Leverage our network to a reach of  nearly 1 million women!

    ·         Ongoing support and suggestions to enhance your Deal to effect a higher conversion rate

    ·         PLUS : Guest Feature within the Identity Magazine Newsletter reaching over 10,000 viewers!

    ·         PLUS : Advertising real estate on Identity Magazine at no extra cost - (w) 336 x 280 (h) 

    ·         PLUS : Minimum of One (1) targeted Facebook Ad campaign for your offer!

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