Women supporting women within the identity magazine & Deals4You Community
(Market to 1 million women)

Are you ready to increase your reach, attract your ideal customers,
and make more money?

Without feeling overwhelmed, stressed and stretched in every direction?

You’re pointing on social media, sending emails to your list, and following up until you’re blue in the face. (been there, done that!)

You’re not gaining as much traction as you know you could.

You’re trying to get the word out because you know if you just had more eyeballs on your offer, your brand would be seen and your sales would go up!

So you ask your friends and colleagues to share your post AGAIN on Facebook about your awesome product, event or service you’re promoting.

You send another email to your list, which isn’t growing as fast enough.

You try your best to put together a Facebook Ad because you heard that works, but you have no clue what you’re supposed do or where to start. Yea, been there too.

AND…You see a small boost from your efforts, but managing all the marketing, trying to take care of your existing customers, AND be present for your kids, husband and personal responsibilities—feels EXHAUSTING.

  • How am I going to keep up?
  • How am I going to schedule all of this?
  • This isn’t my forte. I really just want to be teaching, speaking…and networking!
  • How am I going to afford a social media manager and manage all the platforms?
  • I feel stressed.
  • How can I learn and find systems to put in place?
  • How can I feel like I’m making progress?
  • How can I build brand awareness?
  • How can I build backlinks and touchpoints (wait, what are backlinks and touchpoints? Oh gosh, another thing to learn…)

You know you’re ready for more customers and more sales…if only you knew what you could be doing better or strategize smarter.

The secret IS NOT…


:: taking another social media marketing DIY course that will collect dust on your hard drive or stay flagged in your inbox for a year. (you know it’s true!)

:: learning how to create and run Facebook ads when you could be using that time to do what you do best (teach, speak, write, connect, etc).

:: beating yourself up everyday trying to be super woman to your business and your family and risk burn-out.

The Secret IS…

In order to grow, you need to LEVERAGE EXISTING PLATFORMS bigger than your own where your ideal customers are already hanging out and eager to see your stuff!

That’s exactly why we (Identity Magazine & Creator Susan Vernicek) created Deals4You, a unique platform Identity Magazine designed specifically to help exceptional entrepreneurial women like you reach more customers with less effort.

Susan Vernicek, Creator of IdentityMagazine.net & Deals4YouMag.com

“Susan and Identity Magazine can help you reach thousands of women with creative and supportive ideas that move the needle!”

"Grasping the need for a holistic approach to health, well-being and success, Susan Vernicek, through her brilliant online media, Identity Magazine/Deals4You, reaches women with relevance, warmth and understanding. She brings partners together and helps them reach thousands of women with creative and supportive ideas that move the needle."

Jen Miller, Former Head of Brand Transformation and Consumer Experience


What would you do if your nights got freed up because you didn’t have to sit there and post on each platform on more time before bed?

✦ Imagine waking up and seeing thousands of eyeballs on your social media blast about an upcoming offer, event or service (that recurs without you having to post it or schedule it yourself)

✦ Imagine reaching over 10,000 of your ideal clients per week… without having to ask that core group of 5-7 entrepreneur friends to share about your upcoming course again and again.

✦ Imagine increasing your subscriber list exponentially and attracting highly engaged prospects that turn into paying clients?

You can!

We would love to be part of your marketing team and are committed to help you build your brand for the long-term.

What Will Deals4You Do for Your Business?

We consistently leverage your specific offerings and content across the spectrum of our own promotional channels: Identity Magazine itself and our social media platforms, thereby providing a wide scope of brand awareness—YOUR BRAND.

Get past self-sabotage and skyrocket your sales

  • (without killing yourself or wasting valuable time and energy!)

Deals4You will help you develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur with the complimentary training that is included in your membership so that selling becomes easy and self-sabotaging thoughts don’t have to slow you down!


Get results faster

Deals4You will help you be more efficient with your work time so that you can get faster results.

Reach more of your ideal customers

  • while you sleep, travel or spend time with family (guilt-free!)

Deals4You will help you enjoy the journey of growing your business because when you’re happy and stress free, people are much more inclined to buy from you.

Get your products and services seen by the masses

Deals4You will help you boost your Google ranking, improve your SEO and cast a greater net so you help more people.


Free up more mental and physical energy

  • for the things you do best in your business so you can sustain success.

Deals4You will help you lay the foundations for success in the future and also create a plan to help you generate some CASH in the short term— so you can fund your long term plans and stay in your zone of genius!

“We’ve tripled our reach to new consumers from 15,000 to 55,000

"I have been working in the food industry for over 25+ years and worked with many different contractors. Susan at Identity Magazine has helped us develop a social media strategy that has tripled our reach to new consumers (from 15,000 to 55,000).

Vincent James, Former CEO & Founder, Mediterranean Snacks

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Set up your account and decide on your first offer!

Once you sign up for the Identity Deals4You Program, we have a simple onboarding process. We set an account for you on our website and immediately begin planning your first offer together.

Step 2: Upload your offer so we can spread the word

Do you have a special promotion, such as a product launch, book release, or free offer? When you are clear on what you want to promote, you can go into your online portal and upload it (or we can do this for you!). Once it is uploaded, it is ready for us to blast out!

Step 3: Take-Off!

We’ll take it from here and will start marketing your offer(s) across our widespread network so more ideal people see your stuff and turn into paying clients!

  • Weekly and monthly email blasts to over 10,000 loyal subscribers in our community
  • Scheduled daily blasts of your unique offer(s) on all our social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Done for you boosted posts and targeted paid Facebook ads for your offer (included in your membership!)
  • Unique tracking so you can see how many new people are coming to your website and seeing your offers (invaluable)
  • Monthly Training (included) on successful marketing practices and tools you can use RIGHT AWAY.
  • And on-going support from us 24/7!

But that’s not all…How would you like have your membership paid for and then some?

We have an awesome Bonus Opportunity!

We know that every dollar counts in your business.

You want the most bang for your buck and we completely understand that and want to make it really simple.

Because our core mission is women supporting women, we at Identity Magazine and Deals4You walk our talk.

For every person that you refer to the program, you can receive a 50% commission (think about getting a check for half of your investment or even the full investment and then some!)

You are already a fantastic business owner and you know the value of networking.

Why not leverage those skills and get paid for what you’re already doing and have us pay for your digital marketing.

Included in your membership above will be the opportunity to become an affiliate and receive this awesome commission!

Win, Win, and Win.

What do you say?

Are you ready to increase your reach, attract more of your ideal customers and make more money?

“I got in front of my ideal audience and with
connected with top clients! 

"With 25+ years in business I've worked with many clients, contractors, employees, and vendors. Over the years I've become very selective of who I will do business with and where I will spend my advertising dollars. Working with Susan has always been nothing but a pure pleasure and the Deals4You has been a great investment. It truly helps me get in front of my audience and connect with my top clients. I would highly recommend without hesitation!"

Jennifer Dawn, Jennifer Dawn Coaching


It all begins with a commitment to leverage yourself and your time so you can help more people using your gifts and talents and get back to what you love!

Sound good?

Q: How long does it take to see results? What is the recommended commitment?

A:  If you want to grow your business exponentially, it requires you to test and try out different offers and strategies over time to see what is working and what is not working.

As part of your marketing team, our #1 goal is to see you succeed over the long-haul vs. just experiencing a quick boost in sales and have you go right back to where you started, spreading yourself way too thin and not gaining any traction. For this reason, we recommend minimum of 1 year commitment so that you get the best possible results.

Q: How often will my offers and deals be promoted?

A: Social media posts will be blasted daily and pre-scheduled. We also send out a newsletter weekly to our subscribers and also a monthly newsletter that your offer will be included in.

Have other questions? Click below and ask!
We at Identity Magazine are so excited to take this journey with you and help you leverage your brand and message so you reach as many women as possible!

“Susan and Identity Magazine deliver a worthwhile experience for her community. Susan looks to promotejot just her business, bugt her partners and other women in business.
– Kimberly Elmore, Delta Dental of NJ